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Introduction: Having established in 2008, "Gayatri Pesticides Private Limited" forged its brand as a top manufacturer in India. We manufacture and formulates various kind of agrochemicals such as Insecticides, Pesticides, Fungicide, Plant Growth Regulator, Bio Organic Fertilizers etc.

Manufacturing Facilities: Company has a modern plant spread over wide area. It has well equipped pesticides formulation plants and an automated granules and powder processing plant. Its formulation include emulsifiable concentrates (EC), suspension concentrates (SC), Wettable Powder (WP), Granules (GR) and Dusting Powders (DP). The manufacturing unit also consists of storage space which is well utilized by two level structures that is used to store raw materials and finished goods.

Packaging Facilities: There are sophasticated and modern automatic packing lines in the unit, capable of handling pack size from 200 litres to 50ml. of liquids in Aluminium, Pet, HDPE, Tins, Epoxycoated MA and HDPE drums, Powders and granules can be packed 5gm. to 50 kg in fluted cartoons, HDPE bags, Jars, Drums, Laminated Pouches and Fiber Drums.

Quality Control: The company has its own chemical testing laboratory which is well equipped with technical instruments and maintains strength quality control measures with advance testing facilities such as gas chromatograph with computerised data station. We have one experienced quality control specialist and a chemist respectively.

Licencing: The company has secured all the necessary approvals in terms of various provisions of Pollution Control Act from Maharashtra pollution control board, Registration, Certificates are obtained from the central insecticides board and registration commitee faridabad, new delhi and manufacturing licence issued by department of agriculture, Maharashtra.

Kishor Chhotelal Kanungo
M.Com (Economics)
Managing Director, GPPL

Mission: To propel the farming future by providing the products which are effective ecofriendly & thereby providing an opportunity to the farmer society for a better livelihood.

Values: To protect the ecosystem as a caring member of the society and provide the best quality products which motivates our customers & investors in return.

Vision: Deliver the best solution to the customers by understanding the deep & fundamental needs of our people, customers & our ecosystem.